Training - Our Service

  • Show Training for Arabian Horses

    Would you like to present your horse at national or international shows?

    The quality and requirements of today's breeding shows have risen steadily in recent years.

    We offer you full service: We will look after, train and prepare your horse for the show in a professional and equestrian manner. During the event your horse will be cared for and professionally presented. It is very important to us that your horse is also happy during show training. Running out on the paddocks or pastures with other horses is part of the training.

    We are also equipped to manage stallions. Our stallion stalls are strong and stable, but not isolated, and the pastures are solid and safely fenced, so that the stallions also have daily exercise with other stallions around them.

  • "Kindergarten" - Training in Leading by Hand

    You have a young or raw horse, and don’t want to take the first schooling steps from the ground alone?

    The "breaking in" is preceded by the training in leading by hand, whereby the "handling" is always part of the equestrian training. We adapt to each horse and its individual character, and prepare them for their tasks under the saddle carefully and with a lot of patience. When the horse is ready and accepts the rider on its back, it learns the ABCs of riding. It is a priority for us to be able to offer the horse as versatile a course of training as possible, including its first off-road experiences.

    We work according to many methods and teachers, including the principles of Parelli, Monty Roberts, Linda Tellington-Jones, Phillipp Karl, Michael Geitner and many other great horse trainers. There is no right or wrong method for us. » IT IS THE HORSE THAT TELLS US THE METHOD WITH WHICH IT LEARNS BEST! «

  • "High School" - Further Education under Saddle

    You don’t want to take the next step from the ground into the saddle alone or just want more?

    » ENGLISH OR WESTERN, THAT IS THE QUESTION. « If the horse has already gained some experience and undergone some groundwork training, the next step is to start saddle training. In doing this, we are committed to adapting the riding style to the horse. During training, the handler gets to know the horse well and understand its individual character. At this stage, it often emerges whether the horse’s strengths are suited more to the English or Western riding style. The saddle training is then adjusted to the horse, unless the client has already expressed a preference for one riding style.

    We pay particular attention to ensuring that the horse remains responsive to seat aids and stays on the bit. Our aim is to make ground and saddle work enjoyable for the horse, so we take pains to provide the horse with as varied a training as possible. The terrain around our facility for example, offers a stimulating contrast to indoor work and is ideally suited to preparing the horses for life outside the riding arena. What applies to groundwork also applies under the saddle; the horse tells us by which method it learns best.

  • Care during vacations etc.

    Are you currently very busy professionally, starting a time-consuming training program, or planning a longer stay abroad which leaves too little time for your horse?

    We can care for, train and look after your horse on our facility during this time, so that you can devote yourself to your task without any worries. Your horse will be kept and cared for in a species-appropriate manner. On request and by arrangement, we will put together an individual training plan for your horse and keep it in training until you can take over the care once again.

  • Continuing education, courses and seminars

    We are diligent about constantly educating ourselves further, and would like to share our knowledge with you!

    Courses which we conduct ourselves, or which we organize in cooperation with external horse specialists, are open to all those interested in horses. The topics of the courses can be varied: from horse photography, to riding and show courses, to seminars for executives. We are open to and interested in everything that enriches daily contact with, and involves, horses.

    In our calendar » under Agenda « you will find an overview of all related information, as well as links to download the registration forms. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, Christina Schläpfer